Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Cuddle Sutra by Rob Grader

About the book:
Cuddling is more intimate than a candlelit dinner, more than a joint tax return and yes, even more than sex. With the simple act of an embrace, two people can be joined together in such an intense bond that words no longer serve a purpose. The cuddle says it all.

The Cuddle Sutra is an all-encompassing resource for the act of cuddling, filled with detailed descriptions and illustrations of all the ways to express affection, whether you’re in the privacy of your own bedroom or walking down Main Street.

Tell me more, tell me more!
This book is just so dang cute! I love the illustrations and honestly, love the fact there are over 50 different types of cuddle positions shown in this little pink book.

The author does not set out to dissect what the perfect cuddle requires in terms of acrobatic proficiency. Rather this is a look and help guide to creating something more meaningful than just sex...intimacy and closeness. I know there are many people who've told me over the years they aren't "touchy-feely" and I've always felt sad for them. I love a hug or pat on the arm from my friends. But when the lights are low and the world has gotten me down or I'm feeling sleepy, there's no place I'd rather be than with my hubby, just, well, cuddling. Those moments are more meaningful because we are both seeking that connection which can't be rushed or overlooked. We build those moments into our relationship to help us when we can't see each other for days at a time or when life starts throwing us rotten eggs. That emotional currency we build up and earn together is very powerful my friends!

The author highlights teh 3 T's of Cuddling:

After going thru the various positions in the book, I have several favorites...thought I'd share!
68 1/2
Cherry Popsicles
The Husband.

This is a great gift to give the one you love...to celebrate the gift of intimacy and love. Just in time for Valentine's Day!
You can get it from Source Books!

Grade: A